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Proven Processes

Our Focus

1. Acquisition

Sustainable business growth requires a continuous flow of new customers. For this reason, we identify and optimize the channels through which we can direct visitors to the website in a scalable and cost-efficient manner.

2. Activation

Once on the website, the acquired website visitors must perform an action. Therefore we optimize the website, depending on the campaign objective, either to collect contact data or to generate sales.

3. Retention

In the final step, we evaluate various options to encourage the acquired customers to spend more money with the company on an ongoing basis. The result is a dramatic increase in the company's long-term profitability.

The Goal

Revenue - Costs = Profit
Profit is the money that can actually be reinvested. Therefore profit has the greatest impact on successful business growth. For this reason, we focus all our decisions on maximizing our customers' profits. This focus enables our customers to grow significantly faster than their competitors.

The Key to Success

We assess the current status, prioritize measures and create clear roadmaps for our clients.

Depending on your needs, we offer a selection or all of the following services:

The Data

Data analysis gives us a complete picture of how people interact with the company at every single level.

This enables us to make data-based decisions in the subsequent steps.

We therefore reduce the risk of wrong decisions and losses and maximize the chances of data-based profits.

The Audience

With the target group analysis, we identify the customers who are responsible for the greatest revenue in the company: the dream customers.

This enables us to tailor products and advertising messages to their needs and thus drastically increase the chances of sales.

The Competition

Today's customers compare products and services within seconds.

That's why we analyze the competition in detail - from the website visitor acquisition method to the website to the product and customer support.

We uncover all their strengths and weaknesses to make our clients' customers happier than the competition at every relevant step.

The Positioning

In this step, we differentiate our clients' products and services.

In doing so, we focus them specifically on the needs of their dream customers and at the same time set them apart from the competition.

This allows us to make competitors irrelevant and thus escape the bloodbath of shrinking margins and volumes.

The Price

In this process, we focus on creating prices and offers that generate...
- a higher average order value
- a higher average purchase frequency
- and more profit

Our customers can therefore reinvest more money in their company and drive their growth faster.

The Branding

With branding, we match the name, slogan, brand colors, font, logo, symbols, etc. to the psychology of the dream customer.

This enables us to inspire trust, command higher prices and subconsciously persuade them to make purchasing decisions.

The Copywriting

In online marketing, we pursue 2 major goals with advertising copy:
1. direct people to the website
2. Convince people on the website to take a certain action (purchase or provide contact details)

For this reason, we have transferred the techniques of the most renowned copywriters of all time to online marketing and created copywriting formulas that convince and sell.

The Visuals

The previously written advertising texts are the basis for our visual media process.

Our visual media process enables us to produce high-selling image media for all relevant channels without having to invest huge sums in production.

The Website

Potential customers compare the websites of different providers to find out which provider offers the best offer for their needs.

That's why we use the findings of our competitor analysis to create a website that stands out from all the others on the market.

The focus is on the most important sales pages that a customer goes through until they complete a purchase or submit their contact details.

For these pages, we have already analyzed the performance of the strongest online companies globally and developed graphical website templates from their best practices, which have proven to deliver immense results.

The Traffic

As soon as the website has been optimized for online success, we start acquiring potential customers, using different advertising channels depending on the product, service and target group.

The aim is to identify the advertising channels that achieve the best results with the lowest advertising budget.

The Employees

Once a steady flow of customers has been established, the next big hurdle is attracting qualified employees.

In this step, we focus on marketing the company in such a way that it attracts A-players who will drive sustainable growth.

"Let's uncover hidden strengths and overlooked opportunities that have been holding back your growth."

Noah Joel Chandra

Owner and Managing Director of

What Our Customers say...

"Noah has actually managed and proven to us to achieve 8-figure sales increases (XX.XXX.XXX€) from a 5-figure advertising budget (XX.XXX€) for the website and also the local business. (...) Hand on heart, it is probably the best and most ambitious marketing agency in Germany at the moment."

Note: was previously called wepost

Enes Seker

Founder and Owner of Royal Donuts

"We have managed to generate a 6-digit revenue (XXX.XXX€) with a 4-digit investment (X.XXX€) and have continued to set new revenue records thanks to Noah."

Martina Panchyrz

Founder and Owner of M. Stories

"It was easy to generate high 5-digit amounts (XX.XXX€) relatively quickly, without much investment. I would therefore definitely recommend Noah and his agency to anyone."

Kartal Mula

Managing Director of Kartal Mula Einzelunternehmen

"(...) Thanks to our Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, we were able to experience the strongest sales month in our history as an eyewear manufacturer in July 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic. We can recommend working with wepost with a clear conscience"

Eric Lauer

Owner and Managing Director of Eric Lauer Brillenmanufaktur

"In the course of our advertising campaigns, our company benefited immensely from 45,000 new followers on Instagram. Our expectations were exceeded by far, the dynamic advertising service was executed excellently. The copywriting was of the highest standard for us in both English and German and the commitment to the creative execution of our ideas was remarkable. We look forward to continuing to work with Wepost in future campaigns"

Rick Damm

CEO of Halcon Supersport

"We came across wepost through recommendations long before we opened in Frankfurt. Since online marketing and especially social media are very important to us, it is very convenient that we have a competent and professional partner at our side with wepost. Through several helpful Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads advertising campaigns, we have significantly increased our qualitative reach. The result of our social media hype is constant queues of customers in front of our store. We are now, 4 months after the opening of our first store, in a position to open two new stores."

Berkay Bayir

Managing Director of Berkay Bayir Einzelunternehmen

Our Process

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Your Profit is Our Focus

Our process focuses exclusively on maximizing the most important factor for your sustainable growth:

Your long-term profit.

Since profit is driven by ...

Number of Website Visitors
The people who come to your website.

For example, 100 people come to your website.

Number of Website Visitors x Conversion-Rate x Average Order Value x Average Purchase Frequency x Margin

= Long-Term Profit
The percentage of your website visitors who buy.

For example, 3% of your website visitors buy.

Accordingly, your conversion rate is 3%.

Number of Website Visitors x Conversion-Rate x Average Order Value x Average Purchase Frequency x Margin

= Long-Term Profit
Average Order Value
The average amount of money a customer spends per purchase.

For example, people spend an average of €100 per purchase.

Number of Website Visitors x Conversion-Rate x Average Order Value x Average Purchase Frequency x Margin

= Long-Term Profit
Average Purchase Frequency
How often a buyer purchases during their time as a customer.

For example, customers usually buy 3 times.

Number of Website Visitors x Conversion-Rate x Average Order Value x Average Purchase Frequency x Margin

= Long-Term Profit
The ratio of profit to turnover.

For example, the profit is €200 and the revenue is €1,000.

Therefore, profit/revenue = 200€/1,000€ = 20% margin

Number of Website Visitors x Conversion-Rate x Average Order Value x Average Purchase Frequency x Margin

= Long-Term Profit

... every element of the process is designed to maximize at least one of these factors.

All unnecessary time wasters that have no impact on your long-term profit have been eliminated.

Why Customers Choose Us

The Cooperation

It has taken us years to uncover the secrets of the most successful companies in the world.

From these findings, we have created our own processes based purely on the best practices of these companies.

These processes are applicable to any type of business.

We have captured them in PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets.

We can therefore offer our service and processes as follows:

Done for You

Done with You

Do it Yourself

Attention: We accept a maximum of 3 new customers per month

We want to offer our customers the highest standards.

We have therefore deliberately decided to limit the number of new customers per month to a maximum of 3.
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Question and Answer

Why is digital marketing important for my company?
Digital marketing enables exponential business growth when used correctly.

We specialize in identifying and optimizing the factors responsible for exponential business growth.

By working together, we can find these levers within your business and dramatically accelerate your company's growth.
Why should I work with
We have specialized in performance marketing for several years now, have built up immense experience and a broad portfolio of services.

This means we look at companies more dimensionally and therefore identify weaknesses and opportunities that other marketing agencies don't have on their radar.

Our approach has helped our partners to achieve immense scaling in the past; for example, we have accompanied one of our clients from a small company to a national market leader within a year.

And that with the smallest advertising budget; we know of no other agency in the German market that has achieved this.

Despite this, we are not resting on our laurels.

We have even bigger goals that we want to achieve.
Why should I cooperate with if I can also hire my own digital marketing employee?
1. it will be extremely difficult to impossible to find an employee who has our know-how and can show comparable results.

2. this employee would cost significantly more money than the budget we would charge.

In some cases, however, it is essential to hire an employee.

That's why we offer companies the opportunity to train their employees.

We have captured all our processes in PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets.

This enables us to pass on our knowledge to employees in the shortest possible time, prepare them for problems and actively provide solutions.
How much does a cooperation cost?
Pricing varies from company to company.

Nevertheless, we set a fixed budget before a cooperation.

We then try to use the available budget to work only on those aspects that generate the greatest and fastest results at the lowest cost.

The bigger, faster and cheaper our customers' growth, the bigger ours is.
My company is based in New York, USA, is based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Does that cause problems?
The location of the cooperation partner is irrelevant.

We work with customers from all over the world.

Communication mainly takes place via online meetings (e.g. Google Meet).

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